VSUnbindSourceControl is a simple way to strip out all the source control bindings from your Visual Studio solution and project files.


Have you ever sent your Visual Studio solution to someone and when they open it up Visual Studio complains about source control bindings? This is a pretty common scenario when your project is under source control. 


First, Copy your solution to a new directory. Why copy? Because the tool modify files in place.

Then, Run this command: 

VSUnbindSourceControl.exe d:\myfolder  


Use the tool at your own risk. By downloading or using the tool you agree to its license


  • I've only tried this against CSharp projects
  • I've only tried this using Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 


The code is originally based on this project by Jake Opines. The significant changes here include

  • Much simplified I/O
  • More specific cleanup of Project file XML
  • Use of System.Xml.Linq instead of System.Xml
  • Indented formatting of output project files
  • Compiles using VS2012 and using .NET Framework 4.0


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